As the men’s wear shows continue in Milan, Paris and New York (London: check, Florence: check), T and the casting director Arianna Pradarelli round up the runway’s most intriguing fresh faces.

Cheikh Tall
21, U.S.A.

This is the Angeleno’s first full runway season, although he’s modeled here and there — most notably for Gucci, on two occasions. “My first Gucci show, though, in Florence, was very special,” Tall says. “I’ve never been around so many people from literally all over the world, and we were all vibing and getting along.” He made sure to absorb every bit of the experience, especially the clothing. “I love clothes, so being there and seeing the finest garments was honestly extremely inspiring.”

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Gennadii Malinin
20, Russia

The Muscovite, who goes by “Gena,” took his first runway turn at Givenchy’s spring/summer 2018 show, “the most unexpected thing to happen during my modeling career, or even in my life,” he says. “Before I got into modeling, I was playing computer games for five to 10 hours a day. It was pretty hard for someone to get me out of my house, so modeling saved my life from being insanely boring.” But Malinin is too modest — he has also been professional yo-yo thrower for seven years.

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Karol Kozlowski
20, Poland

This is the Warsaw native’s first runway season, but, as an amateur photographer, he’s acquainted with the camera. He also recently posed for a local magazine wearing an elaborate Victorian wig. (“I wanted to run away.” he says. “Then it ended up being an amazing shoot.”) Kozlowski always has music on him — typically R&B — and although he sometimes appears introspective, he can be apparently be a real party animal.

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Benjamin Lessore
19, U.K.

Lessore is currently based in Peckham, London; his mother is from Madagascar, his father is half-French and half-English — and the scar in his right eyebrow is from brotherly shenanigans, when a “seven-seater car door graciously closed on my head,” he tells T. (He adds: “As a kid, I looked like Mowgli,” the “Jungle Book” protagonist.) He has already walked for Topman and booked the corresponding campaign, and posed for an Alexander McQueen look book; fall 2018 is his first full runway season. “My favorite way to pass time backstage is just talking to other people and stuff,” Lessore says. “My pastimes in general are thoroughly uninteresting, as all I do is stay in bed and watch series.”

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Ihor Liubchenko
19, Ukraine

Liubchenko made his debut during the spring/summer 2018 shows as a Prada exclusive, and then walked a handful of runways in Paris — Balenciaga, Valentino and Acne Studios, among them. The logistics student has also posed for a major ad campaign that should drop soon. “Before I started modeling, I was a waiter and a taxi driver for a year and a half, which was a lot of fun,” he says. He used his driving spoils to buy a better car.

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Xie Chenglin
20, China

The Hangzhou-based student takes an attentive approach to modeling: During hair and makeup, he’ll snap a few selfies, but also carefully watch each step in the process; then, he reviews the runway to ensure the perfect walk. That technique has already netted him two Gucci appearances (at the 2018 resort show and spring/summer 2018), an opening slot at Kenzo (spring/summer 2018) and turns at Acne Studios and Paul Smith. If he weren’t modeling he would be a chef, and he hopes to one day open his own restaurant.

Represented by Premium Models.

Mustafa El-Mahi
16, the Netherlands

The Amsterdam-based student is sticking to family tradition by modeling, he says; his sister, who is also in the industry, told him to always be polite and respectful, and to find a good agent who will teach him everything. El-Mahi made his debut at last week’s Qasimi show in London, and says, “Walking under the lights, with all of the people watching you and the cameras flashing, leaves quite the impression.” If he weren’t modeling, he’d use that time for sports, especially boxing.

Represented by Fourteen Model Management.

Ademar Berbiers
20, Belgium

The Ghent native opened the Craig Green show in London on Monday (not bad for his first runway appearance) and will continue on to the Milan and Paris runways. Otherwise, you’ll find him at university, where he is studying information technology, or in the club, as a devoted follower of the underground techno scene. We’re also told he has a unique and soothing voice and that friends seek him out when they want advice.

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